25 Feb 2016
diy tiling a bathroom wall

The wall tiles that are used in a bathroom are essential parts of a bathroom and affect the looks it looks colourful and a pleasant place to be in. When selecting bathroom wall tiles, make sure that the tiles go well with the overall theme, feel and colour scheme of the bathroom.Bathroom wall tiles come in various materials, sizes, shapes, patterns and designs. These tiles come in ceramic, porcelain, marble, metal and limestone materials and the most common material among them is the ceramic as it is water resistant, easy to clean, extremely long lasting and comes in reasonable price range.

diy tiling a bathroom wall

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Lounge Ivory bathroom floor and wall tiles


Bathroom Wall Tiles Designs Ideas

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tiling bathroom wall cornersOne of the most popular and suitable ways to choose bathroom wall tiles is to opt for large rectangular shaped, patterned tiles that are easy to be cleaned as there will not be many spaces in between the tiles for the grout to accumulate. It is not a good idea to cover whole bathroom walls with tiles so it’s better to tile the walls unto eye level. Plain tiles with coloured or patterned borders also look good if the border is thin and can liven up the bathroom. When placed correctly onto a wall, these tiles will look stylish and help to protect walls and fixtures.

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Bathroom Wall Tiles Designs Photos

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