The living room is look very entrance of the house. If you need to decorate your living room than you buy many decoration sets related to living room.

The living room depends on the following things. Windows curtains, carpet, plants, coffee table, entertainment centre, accessories, furniture, sofa etc.

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Living Room Carpet:

The carpet is very important in living room. The carpet is exact in the size of the living room. There are many different colors in carpets look like awesome. If your carpet color is dark than your living room more glow.


Plants are place in the corner of the living room. Hanging plants is popular item in living room.

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Window Curtain:

Curtain is most important for any room in home. The shade of curtain is match on the color on wall. The different color in curtains looks beautiful.


Now a day without entertainment living room is unusual.  A big size led TV & home theater is place in centre of living room.

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Sofa is pace in the centre of the living room. Sofa is very important in the living room. Sofa have different setter three or five or single seat.

Living Room Lighting:

The most important part of decoration is lighting. More light can make room more bright a different kind of light is use in living room like, led bulb, floor lamp room ideas for small spaces

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