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A well-lit bathroom is a pleasant place to be in because that’s the place where you can groom yourself and for that you need a bathroom full of right kind of lights. There are many options when there comes a time of choosing proper bathroom lighting ideas for your home and when you are setting up your bathroom lighting, you need to pay close attention to its placement in the vanity or mirrored areas as it is the focal point in the bathroom.

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Bathroom Lighting Ideas for Vanity

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Bathroom Lighting Ideas for Vanity

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The first thing to consider while placing vanity lighting for the bathroom is that you will need the lightest for sprucing around the mirror. But in some cases it doesn’t work well as it shines down on your face and casts the shadow on it, making it difficult to shave or to put on makeup. So it is a better idea to place two vertically oriented lights on either side of the mirror so that its lighting doesn’t cast shadows.

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bathroom vanity lighting images

Bathroom Vanity Lighting Tips with Images

bathroom vanity lighting pictures

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Bathroom Vanity Lighting Ideas and Pictures

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While choosing and inserting vanity lights in the bathroom, make sure that the light can handle a bulb of 150 watts at the minimum as this will provide you with strong and better enough light to see for close-up grooming. Halogen lights, incandescent lights and fluorescent bulbs can cast better light and can work wonders in the bathroom too. However, bathroom lighting should be done, keeping in mind the important fact that water and electricity must not have any contact with each other. If precautionary measures will be taken, you bathroom will look more elegant, unique and beautiful.

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best bathroom lighting ideas

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