decorating ideas for small bathrooms in apartments

Very few people care about bathroom wall decoration because most of them only focus on decorating other rooms of house. Especially for small size bathroom everyone is expecting simple and plane walls with no decoration and theme. But actually there are countless ways to decorate bathroom walls to make it more stunning and modern. I have selected very few pictures and real model images of bathrooms with various sizes to give you some ideas about how to decorate small and medium size apartment bathrooms and their walls. Have a look on design photos below:

Select Bathroom Theme for Paint Walls

Wall can be decorated by applying different paint colors. Don’t go with random paint. Select the proper suitable theme according to your house paint and then apply it to your toilet walls. For example lemon theme, green theme, white and black elegant bathroom themes are very common and famous nowadays. You may enhance it by adding more detailing in any theme.
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Bathroom Decorating Lights

You can decorate your bath room with fancy lights. Led lights are perfect for bathroom and they are also electricity saving and comes with fancy frames. So according to me, lighting is best way to decorate it and inspire others.

Other Small Bath Accessories to Decorate Walls

Consider other bathroom accessories for decoration that we use to attach with walls like mirror, soap holder or dishes and many others. Also you can use some wall stickers like cartoons for kids, any hot model pictures as sticker for teens and adults. I hope these images ideas will open your mind and force you to do something very creative to decorate your washroom walls. Good Luck!

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