25 Feb 2016
diy tiling a bathroom wall

The wall tiles that are used in a bathroom are essential parts of a bathroom and affect the looks it looks colourful and a pleasant place to be in. When selecting bathroom wall tiles, make sure that the tiles go well with the overall theme, feel and colour scheme of the bathroom.Bathroom wall tiles come […]

25 Feb 2016

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a house and after few simple amendments, it can be changed into most attractive and relaxing place to be in. A major factor that determines the overall look of the bathroom is the kind of floor tiles that we choose. Bathroom floor tiles come in […]

21 Nov 2015
decorating ideas for small bathrooms in apartments

Very few people care about bathroom wall decoration because most of them only focus on decorating other rooms of house. Especially for small size bathroom everyone is expecting simple and plane walls with no decoration and theme. But actually there are countless ways to decorate bathroom walls to make it more stunning and modern. I […]

10 Jun 2015

Bathroom remodeling is best idea that can change your bathroom and it looking good. Before change the bathroom first thing you search some other bathroom design on internet, magazine, books etc. First you have some idea on your mind related to bathroom changes. There are following changes that remodel your bathroom like, sink size, wall […]

09 Jun 2015

Shower is important in every people life. You start day with take shower. Mostly people take shower before going to office. Mostly people like waterfall shower. The flow of water in waterfall shower is high and you feel like natural flow of water. The benefit of waterfall shower is you may enjoy and much easier […]