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If you are tired from your home look like your home has no proper setting style and appear outdated, its time to give you a new interior and modern vintage house ideas that will change your home style.

Window treatment:

Window treatment is necessary for any room in house. Getting proper setting of window and ventilation for allowing direct sunlight come in bedroom. When you are going to arrange furniture in bedroom make sure window is not blocked.


All modern vintage houses are equipped with latest technology. Technology in home means entertaining that is TV, VCR, DVD, and Home Theater etc. In modern house it is necessary to convert TV with latest TV like Plasma; you can connect DVD with Plasma TV.


Change your old furniture and buy new furniture for modern vintage house. If you want to buy new furniture for your house then you must match the color of furniture with theme of bedroom. The furniture arrange in bedroom fixture and round the room.

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Curtain Design:

The color of curtain is also matching the theme of room color because it looks beautiful when color is match together.


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Wall decals For Vintage Home Decor

Wall decals are great way decorate your vintage home wall. You can find on internet different design of stickers and vinyl decals are easily available on internet than you find shop of wall decals or you can also purchase online. Wall decals are easily to remove from wall, vinyl decals are not easily removed from wall.

Use wall decals for your favorite quotes. A quote like motivation quotes, inspirational quotes, loves quotes etc. Some people like cars so he also uses cars decals of different cars that he likes.

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