u shaped kitchen layout

U-Shaped Kitchen layouts are very famous and mostly used in small kitchens. Big kitchens also follow this layout design but if your kitchen is small in size and you want more space as open area to stand and work then this U-shaped kitchen design layout is best. There are many designs and styles can be achieved in U shape layout. We have collected some modern small U shaped kitchen layouts to give you a close idea with pictures and real samples from the USA kitchens. This is also known as half round shape layout. You can make it in oval shape or as square design.

 U Shaped Kitchen Design Ideas with Images

One more advantage of this layout is that you can easily install this layout in any type of room because every house has room with corners and you can place it around the walls of kitchens, Just add the counter, sink and cabinets in this U shaped layout and your small modern kitchen is ready as shown in images of this post.

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u shaped kitchen design ideas

Now if you like these ideas, please share them with your friends and relatives on social media sites and ask them which design they like the most and get helpful suggestions for specifically for own small kitchen. For more, please see below related posts as we already shared ideas about G-Shaped, L-Shaped and other layouts for kitchens.

u shaped kitchen design layout ideas

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