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A kitchen is important part of the house so the decoration of kitchen is also important because sometimes guest comes in your kitchen. When you want to decorate or redesign kitchen the important thing of the kitchen is a theme. Before you decorating the kitchen first you select a theme of the kitchen, which theme is better for the kitchen. The good selection of theme color is a lemon theme.

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The lemon theme is very popular for the kitchen. Many people convert their theme into a lemon theme. Lemon theme kitchen is now a trend. The roof color of the kitchen is white and wall color of the kitchen is lemon color or light green color. The color of the kitchen cabinet is also lemon color or white trim.

Lemon Themed Kitchen Accessories

The perfect looking of lemon theme color is your kitchen backsplash tile color is also light green or lemon color that makes perfect looking of the lemon kitchen. The color of table and chair in the kitchen also match the theme of the color of the kitchen. You can make some little bit add like the fridge in the kitchen is steel body that looks very well in the kitchen.

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The window and ventilation of the kitchen are white in color and color of the curtain is also white, make sure when you apply this technique then you kitchen looking awesome. You can take ideas of lemon theme kitchen from these images that given below. These picture helpful to design and remodeling the kitchen.

lemon and lime kitchen theme

Themed Kitchen Decor Ideas

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