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Southern style home is very popular in America due to beautiful, southern style decoration is referred to as country style. Southern style home are basically into the double story, grand pillars, wide front porch area and two constructions with symmetrical windows.

The style of the southern house is a luxury and looking very well. The basic southern home style includes Charleston, the style of the house is central hall leading two or four rooms on each floor. Another style of southern home is two doors were located in on one side of the house. The window and door were located on the ocean side that people look very beautiful scene through a window.

Southern Interior Design Ideas

The southern style home plan was developed in eighteen century and best know is New Orleans. The feature of southern style home is hipped roofs, porch and gallery with rough iron column and railing and French windows.

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small plantation style house plans

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The design of southern style home decoration is on the principal of comfort. Southern home have rugs in every room and outdoor and also in porch. The picture shows the style of southern home style. These images are very helpful to you to take idea of southern style home and also help in construction of southern style home.

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southern style house plans

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