When we are looking for the right kitchen layout, there are so many layouts comes in mind but U shaped kitchen designs with island are perfectly fits into every kitchen where you want more space for work. It gives you long kitchen counter and comparatively bigger space in the room to stand and to store your related stuff. U-Shaped layout does not take much space in floor and give you more places to stand and place other things in this area of your kitchen. We have some beautiful pictures of modern kitchens where U-Shaped layout can be used and it looks very clean and big.

u shaped kitchen design with island

U Shaped Kitchen Layout with Peninsula

Some people have dream to decorate their kitchens with latest designs and layouts during every renovation so if your previous layout was L shaped or J shaped then you should try U-shape design. It may looks old to you but it makes small kitchen bigger and provide you huge open space. You can also place U style counter with the walls at corners or may place it in front side.

kitchen design ideas 2016

I hope these pictures and designs will help you to change your mind and you will be able to select the best design layout for your small kitchen. Thanks for being with us always.

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