In the market very different style of layout of the kitchen are available and it’s good to concept new style of kitchen layout that makes your kitchen perfect and also a wide area of storage in kitchen and also hanging kitchen appliances.

When you want to change the kitchen setting theme layout cabinet etc, the G shape kitchen layout is very famous for the kitchen. When you compare U shape kitchen style with G shape the area of G shape kitchen is large then U shape because it has many doors as compared to U shape, in images you can easily see number door in G shape kitchen and also a big work-space that person easily cooking for three different sides.

G shape kitchen layout is advanced kitchen style with the increase amount of counter space and the large area of cooking.

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Advantages of G shape kitchen over U and L

  1. 1) G shape kitchen layout is very good for multiple cookers as same in cook in a kitchen.
  2.  The storage area of G shape kitchen is larger than others.
  3.  It is very good for large number of family.
  4.  It is an idle for small kitchen layout.
  5. You can take ideas for these pictures of G shape kitchen layout.

These pics are very helpful for the design of the G shape kitchen.

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 G Shaped Kitchen Layout with Edge Decoration Side

Special and Easy to achieve G shape layout to get more space in your working area.

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G Style Design layout for comparatively small Kitchen

How To Design A Kitchen

Red and Off white yellow combo style G shaped layout Kitchen design

It looks so heavy in picture so personally I don’t like it but if you have lots of accessories to fix in your kitchen and required more storage area then go for it.

G Shaped Kitchens

Very Small Round turn G layout Kitchen

G Shaped Kitchen Layout

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These are not final layouts because there are many other combinations possible. Disadvantage is only that you got less space to stand and work.