Swimming pool in a house always rises up its market value or attracts customers when you want to sale your house. If you are looking for outdoor swimming pool ideas for backyard then it is very beneficial to you.  It not only provide you some entertainment but it also a healthy activity if you swims regularly. Outdoor swimming pool for backyard is a good idea if you really want privacy for you and your family.

Swimming Pool Designs On A Budget

Small Size Swimming Pool in backyard

Now-a-days small size swimming pools are becoming fashion. Mostly people make small pool behind their homes or small resorts to make them beautiful and stunning. Average swimming pool in other words we can say that a standard size pool is 18 by 28 foot rectangular. One thing is kept in your mind while installing on swimming pool is the depth of pool should be greater as water of pool remain cool in summer hot season. You can also use shelter to make it extreme cold.

Swimming Pool Ideas For Small Backyards

Stylish Shape Swimming Pool Design for little Backyard Area

Small Backyard Swimming Pools

Best Swimming Pool Shapes

Now you are thinking what kind of shape will be looking good in your pool. There are different shapes of pools which you can see here and get some ideas. Geometric shape pool, free form pools, Grecian pool, Roman shape pool, rectangular pool, circular shape pool , oval shape pool are some interesting shape of pools.

Glass Design Swimming Pool for Modern Houses

Modern Glass Style Pool For Frontyard And Backyard Design 1024x683

Small Two Way Swimming Pool Design Ideas for backyards

Linya Style Small Swimming Pool For Backyard

Small Swimming Pool Ideas for Backyard on Budget and Cost

  1. If you have low budget then use Vinyl lined pool. While making a pool of Vinyl lined your expensive is around $1200 to $4800.
  2. If you want to extend your budget and want fiber glass swimming pool then your expense is round about $10000 to $20000.
  3. If you really want to some solid investment in your swimming pool and give it to your family then you can make Concrete and custom pool. In this case your expense can go through on $25000 to $60000.

Cheap Oval Shape Pools Design Ideas for Small Size Backyards

Cheapest Pool Design For Small Backyard

I hope you like all images and ideas that will surely help you to choose the best pool that suits your backyard.