When you are going to decorate kitchen the granite countertops are the first choice for your kitchen. The granite is not the hardest stone that you can furnish for your home its is a beautiful stone. The quality of granite stone is available in the market and many different colors of granite are available.

The best ideas for the decorating of the kitchen are the white kitchen and light brown granite counter-tops are used for the kitchen. This trend is very popular now in a day, the theme color of the kitchen is a white and light color of granite counter tops. The granite stone are durable and it was formed from cool magma.

Multiple Colors of Granite for Kitchens

Many colors of granite are available such as green, blue, black and brown etc. Before you decorate kitchen first you search on the internet and take ideas of granite with different quality and color, it is good for you the combination of the white color of cabinet with granite counter-tops is very well for the kitchen. A few images are very helpful to you decorate the kitchen; through this images, you can get the ideas of the kitchen.

White Kitchen With Granite Countertops

Brown Shade Counter tops:

Mostly these are in real stone colors but you can find variety of distinct colors as given below:

White Kitchen With Granite

Grey and Black Granite Counter for Kitchen and Sink

Light Color Counter of Granite which glows with yellow light and you will easily cut vegetables and meat on it. It easier to clean and looks perfect with light themed kitchens.

White Kitchens With Granite Countertops

Pure White with little Black dots on marble

These type of marbles are rare but you can find it it granite stone easily. These are my favorite colors so have a look on side view of it.

Cream and Yellow Combo natural granite counter

White Kitchens With Granite

Off white or Yellowish Color Granite Stone for vintage Style Kitchens

If you are following Vintage or British country theme in your kitchen then you should look for such kind of granite. These are easily available now and comparatively cheaper than pure white or other colors of countertops.

Shiny Yellow Counter of Mable Quartz and Granite!

White Kitchen Countertops

Complete Dark Counters for Chicken Style Theme

White Kitchen Cabinets1 1024x683

Patterns Styles on Granite Counters

As you know these are natural stones so you may find irregular patterns on granite counter tops. But their smooth surface with give you amazing feel.

Black and White Mixture of Colors on counters

White Granite Countertops

For Brown Themed Kitchens and Bathrooms

For Grey Themed Kitchens and Baths

Now I hope you are able to decide which one is better for your kitchen. There is no need to match any color scheme in natural stones because it is very difficult to find matching color in natural granite.

Different Counter-tops to remodel your Kitchen

If you are going to remodeling your kitchen, you can’t ignore counter-tops because it is one of the focal point of kitchen and cover most of the area of kitchen just like cabinets. Best counter-tops are those which match your kitchen design and also fulfill their functionality. There are varieties of kitchen counter-tops available in the local and online market with many colors, designs, styles and material. We collected some pictures to give you better ideas about counter tops for kitchen.

Kitchens With Granite Countertops

As we know counter tops are made with many materials like ceramic tiles, granite, glass, marble, butcher block and many others. Just keep in mind about the design, your usage and the price and decide which one suits your kitchen. Always choose counter bigger in size, brighter is color and make sure it is easy to clean and most importantly its functionality like you should easily cut vegetables and fruits etc on it. If you are not happy with light or bright colors, dark black, grey and elegant styles are also available and ready to install on your kitchens.

Most Popular Kitchen Countertops

I hope these designs will help you to find the best counters for your kitchen. If you are satisfied with our shared designs then share it on your profiles with your suggestions and tag us on Facebook, Instagram and on any social media site.

Kitchen Design Granite Countertops 1024x682

Thank you for your time. Don’t forget to see some more ideas given in related posts below. Good day. 😉