Hello freaks,

My Home Decor House Show is starting now 😉

We are pleased to announce latest house shows events in New York this year. We will show Kitchens, bathrooms, small bedrooms live models. Attend these shows and learn from basics to advance on interior decoration experts conference.

Show Fees: $35 / Guest.

Dates will be announced next week in our Facebook page.

What includes in the house show of My Home Decor Ideas:

Well as you know we are exceptional in this case, our menu is completly different than any other American live house show. We are not going to show you any house to buy or bid but we will accept application there for future.

You will fully enjoy models in our vanity van setup and few 3D models will be presented on LED’s.

  • You will able t learn how to make your small space bigger.
  • How to change your rooms look in minutes daily and keep fresh your mind.
  • How to match colors (specially paint colors) – Theme decoration tips
  • What accessories you need and what are useless for you. (identification process)
  • Many more points

At the end of show you will get free home decoration guide book with high quality images to teach you step by step process. These will be same process that we will show you in live show.

So be ready and stay tuned for latest updates about house show 2018.