When we talk about green house paint color we are not talking about pure green because houses are not look good in pure bright green color. We always prefer sage green paint for houses. First of all you should know what are different color combinations of sage green then we move onward to show you some designs of sage green houses with white trim in collected pictures.

Here is green sage color shades:

Sage green color is achieved by suing sage green bricks, tiles or paint colors. Shade is depending on your personal choice and on your whole house theme. As you know white is a universal paint color so you can use it too for trims and shutters.

Why to use White color for trims with Sage Green

Sage green is considered as dark color and to make your house more beautiful and modern we always prefer light color with dark one. So when we are suing sage-green as darker, use white trim as light paint scheme.  With this type of paint color combination, you can also use white front door or may use any light color for door like yellow or orange.

White Trim Home Depot

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Green House With White Trim With Pics

Choose the house paint colors wisely because they are not only for beauty but they add value to your house. If you are going to sell it then make sure your house is modern and color of paint is unique and trendy. Your little effort makes your house value doubled. Greenhouses are very famous in open areas and near gardens. If you want a green house with white trim but don’t know how it will look when done. I am here to show you some real examples of green painted houses with white color trim and shutters. Let’s check some pictures and images below:

Green House With White Trim

Green House White Trim Black Shutters

Green House White Trim

Green House with White Trim Black Shutter

Green houses are widely appreciated because they are unique and give two color illusions in day and night. They are dark in color and therefore fewer chances for pale or fading paint due to environmental effects. You can see some photos with tiles style and lining style front side of houses. They are suing green tiles and shuttering to show their homes in green. White is always a primary color and you can consider it with any color combination. White trims are adding elegance to your front side of house.


Color Green House In Lansing 1024x683

I hope you will now satisfy with all given samples and these ideas help you to find out some better paint color scheme for you house remodeling. Thank you for being here. Also find some unique and modern color themes below in related posts for your house before finalized your paint color.

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