As we see in the series of house paint color scheme, grey is most favorite color for most of the house owners and now we elaborate some amazing samples having blue door and shutters with gray house paint. You can use many colors of door with grey house but blue is unique and look stunning with dark grey and silver colors. Shutters are also important for windows and we should utilize them to decorate outside of our house. Let’s check some real pictures of houses to get ideas.

 Gray House Blue Door and Shutters Ideas

There are many shades available for blue and grey but dark and bright colors work better than lighter and pale paints. But if your theme is light then use light blue door and shutters with gray house paint. Some houses have pillars on both side of front door. You can use white paint on pillars because white is brighter and it give you more attractive look and help to design your house modernly.

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Gray House Black Shutters Blue Door 1024x692

Gray House Black Shutters Yellow Door Gray House Blue Door And Shutters

Gray House White Trim Black Shutters 768x1024

Gray House With Black Shutters 918x1024

Grey House Black Shutters 1024x683 Pictures Of Dark Gray Houses

I hope you would love to see our unique and creative combination of paint colors to decorate houses. I am sure you will share them on Tumblr, Pinterest and on all other social media networks. Thank you very much for visiting us here. House paint color combination is one of the difficult decision for any house owner but if you want to make your house in dark gray color and confuse which shades of colors match with it especially for trims and shutters than I am here to show you some perfect looking samples of a gray house with black shutters. Door color also matters in some conditions; therefore, I also attached some pictures with door colors like black shutters with a red door and yellow or blue front door with beautiful dark or light grey house paint.

Pictures Of Gray Houses With White Trim 1024x768

Gray House with Black Shutters Ideas with Images

It’s all depends on your home painting theme that you select in the beginning of your house remodeling. Grey and silver paint is one of the elegant one and widely used in the whole Europe streets. In the day time, grey houses absorb light and give eye catching look to the viewers. In the night, you should use some lighting to make it noticeable. On the other hand, the light coming out from the windows and shutters also add some beauty to the outer side of your house.

What Color Door Goes With A Grey House

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If you are looking for door colors and confuse about what color door goes with a grey house than I have a perfect solution for you. Few months ago I was also stuck in the same situation and finally find the answer of my question by analyzing some real samples of different front door paint colors with grey house. Gray is most favorite color by most of the people and they want to use it on their houses but the entrance is also much important because everyone enter into the house from door so it should be prominent and match perfectly with house gray theme. See some pictures of gray houses with different color of doors.

Shutter Colors For Gray House

Also see Front door colors with White House!

Grey House with Red Door

Grey house look elegant with yellow, blue, red and white doors. I am not going to force you to use any color that look perfect to me. I just show you some samples and after see these images; you should decide which one is best for you. You may share these images with your friends to get some honest suggestions on it.

White House Grey Shutters3

Online market is full of different door colors; you don’t need to look for custom paint colors. Just select any color and buy it from your local or online market. There are many patterns are also available with door colors that match with grey houses.