Although kitchen cabinets provide storage space in kitchens but they are also help to decorate kitchen and you should utilize them to give an awesome look to your kitchen. The first confusion starts when you decide to re-paint your kitchen. The first question is what color should I paint my kitchen? It is open question and you can use any color which suits your interior home theme but what if you already bought kitchen cabinets and installed it in white color.

Now your question would be like this: What color should I paint my kitchen with white cabinets? It is really difficult because you have less option now but it is easy to choose by viewing and analyzing some real sample pictures and images given below:

Black Paint with White one – Always win win situation

Opposite colors always attract more than similar ones. White is a light color so if you already installed white cabinets then paint your kitchen with some dark colors but this is not hard and fix rule, if you want some light paint colors than go for it but make sure you have clear picture in your mind about final output which is only possible to see some pictures before apply it in reality.

White Kitchen Cabinets

Red, Most charming paint color with White wash

White Cabinets

Best Kitchen paint Colors Suits with White Cabinets:

Here is a list of some paint colors that perfectly matched with your white kitchen cabinets.

  1. Inspirational Blue
  2. Dark Grey or Black
  3. Pink or Pale Pink
  4. Silver or Light Grey
  5. Sage Green
  6. Burnt Orange
  7. Taupe (Putty Color)
  8. Red or Maroon
  9. Grey Taupe
  10. Cream (Off-White)
  11. Pale Powder Paint Color
  12. Yellow (lemon yellow / Green)
  13. Canadian Style pattern of bricks
  14. Brown or reddish brown
  15. Purple or Violet

These are few common but creative paint colors you can apply on your kitchen with white cabinets. You can also use some texture patterns with straight paint or also try some shades of listed colors.



I am sure these ideas help you more than your expectations and you will easily find your favorite kitchen paint color in less time. Share this post and images to show us your appreciations.

Grey and brown as base white cabsĀ 

Should I Paint My Kitchen Cabinets White 1024x682

Blue [Light, Dark or any other shade of blue would work]

Painted White Kitchen Cabinets 1024x769

Sea Green or Grey greenish Color

Kitchen White Cabinets

These are all my favorite possible colors and they are most practical one. If you want to try any other combination then don’t forget to imagine it or see their model first.