Extra storage space is always welcome in any home, offices, or shops. Stylish and easily available storage baskets are what everyone looks for when looking for storage space. Wicker trunks fit the bill readily. They are stylish, save space and fit in any decor. Wicker baskets are available in all shapes and sizes. They are used for storing toys, magazines, laundry, newspapers, towels, linens, gardening tools, CDs and DVDs, office files, or your art supplies. They also make great picnic baskets. Shop owners use them to make and display attractive gift hampers.

Why Wicker Trunks

Wicker is a hard and tough woven fiber, which is made into a rigid type of material. It is mainly used in baskets and furniture. It can be made from any part of plants such as rattan stocks, the core of bamboos, seagrass, reeds, or the whole thickness of the plant. There are two types of wicker baskets natural and synthetic. Natural wicker uses plant materials woven into a vine and is known for its durability, strength, and style. Synthetic wicker trunks baskets are made using plastic, resin, or paper-wrapped high tensile wire. Natural wicker baskets require more maintenance and are mainly preferred for indoor uses whereas synthetic wicker baskets are preferred for outdoor uses, as it does not require much care.

Wicker Baskets Create Extra Storage Space

There are various types of wicker storage trunks. These baskets are available with lids, shelve, and can be lined for more decorative use. Baskets with lids are very useful when storing food items, video games, CDs and DVDs, or any other items, which are to be protected from dust. Lids will also keep them hidden from a roving eye. Baskets with shelves are very useful in places where there is a restriction of space. These shelves can be in drawer form, which is useful for storing clothes, toys, other titbits; they can also be used as a mini wardrobe or cutlery cupboard. Open shelves make great display cabinets for your decorative pieces.

Customized Designs for various Purposes

Wicker trunks are also specially designed to meet a specific need. Te stair step basked by the basket lady is meant to store items that need to go upstairs. It is designed to sit on stairs.

Who doesn’t need just a little more storage space? Handy wicker storage baskets can be purchased just about anywhere. They come in a variety of styles, sizes, and finishes that are sure to fit any décor. Baskets are no longer just for country themes. Using baskets for storage has become so popular and mainstream that storage furniture is now being marketed with its own custom-sized and shape baskets. Recycling baskets come lined with a brown bag (which is replaceable) for recycling purposes. Umbrella stand baskets have dividers in them to hold umbrellas. Log wicker baskets have leather handles and are oblong in shape to hold logs, wooden pieces, or metal.

Environment Friendly

Wicker baskets and trunks are environment friendly, ecological, durable, and very economical. They can be attractively decorated to suit your needs. Their care is very easy; just dust them with a soft bristle brush and clean with a soft cloth. You can also vacuum them and clean them with soap and water as don’t get spoiled in water.