Kitchen curtains and valances are the easiest and affordable alternates to be used in place of a kitchen window. They are available in many shapes, sizes and styles and, they could enliven the kitchen and make it more pleasant and pleasurable to be in.

Waverly Kitchen Curtains and Valances Step by Step

There are few steps that need to be followed in order to make kitchen curtains and valances.

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  1. The first step to be taken will be the measurement of the window.

  2. Determining the amount of fabric that will be needed to cover the area.

  3. While making kitchen curtains and valances, one has to keep in mind the type of fabric to be chosen.

  4. Lay the fabric on a straight surface and iron it.

  5. With the help of measuring tape, outline the dimensions on the fabric with marker and cut it.

  6. Fold the lower edge of the panel up to 0.5 Inch on the back side and press.

  7. Stitch the top folded edge of the hem to lock it on place.

  8. Then do the same procedure on the vertical edges; fold them both up to 0.5 Inch on the back side and stitch it.

Kitchen Window Valance

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Kitchen Window Curtain

Now let’s have a look on images as a sample that you can create with the help of above steps.

  1. Create the rod pocket by folding the upper edge of panel in back side and press.

  2. Fold the clean edge under again, allowing enough room to compensate for the width of the rod that will be used, and press it again.

  3. Stitch as near to the folded edge as possible to finish the rod pocket. Once you finish this step, your panel is complete.

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Kitchen Curtains And Valances

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Kitchen Curtains And Valances Modern

Kitchen Curtains And Valances Set

Kitchen Curtains Design Ideas

I hope now you get all points and easily able to made curtains waves at your home. For more interesting DIY home decor tips, stay with us.