26 Best Residential Outdoor Landscape Design Ideas 2018

If you live residential area than residential landscape design gives you idea how to design residential   landscape. You should think about making the garden look good.

The following are the step that your garden looks good.

  • The first step is deciding what your family need from its space; front yard and back yard mostly use. The following are the question in your mind. Is back yard mostly recreation or relaxation?
  • The second step is residential landscape design is there are many online landscape design ideas and many designs fully display with the yard, so you can take ideas through this online help. It will give you sense to how to decorate your landscape garden.

Another important thing of residential landscape design is color. The color you decide to your garden is yellow, orange, and red. You can also make the combination two different colors.

Residential Landscape Pictures

Residential landscape design is practice a making a garden beautiful with different type of flowers and plants. Residential landscape design is an art that we can design good place tranquility and peace.

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Residential Garden Design Ideas

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You also need to plant flower according to their height and spread. Some plant grows taller than other so they need to plant accordingly. There are some picture of residential landscape design that can give you idea to decorate your both garden front yard and back yard garden.

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If you have a garden and you have any no idea about the decoration of the garden than first you search the ideas of garden. The best thing for searching the decoration ideas of garden is book, magazine, internet etc.


Plants are necessary for the decoration of the outdoor garden. Different types of plants are use in garden. The beauty of garden is different type of plant roses are use like, Red climbing rose, Yellow Banks Rose, English shrub rose’ The Dark lady’ English Rose’ The Shepherdess’ Bush Rose’ Red Rose.

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Yard Art



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Patio Decor

Outdoor Wall

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Outside Decor


There are different kind of outdoor furniture are available in market. Before you purchase furniture you must check which type of furniture is suit in your garden.

Table and chair is important for the outdoor garden decoration. Table and chairs is made in wooden material because wooden material item is looking awesome in outdoor garden.

Garden stone is another way to decorate garden. A walking path is made for garden stone and plants are set insight the path. If you want to increases the beauty of garden than set sofa in garden and also have swimming pool in garden.

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Lighting is also a part of decoration. Solar light are also use in outdoor garden and it is best way to decorate your garden with solar light.  The lighting of outdoor garden is necessary because outdoor garden is use for many purpose like cooking purpose, Relaxation, get together sometime a night party is arrange in outdoor garden.

Garden Lighting

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